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Memory Care

The Living GEMS

Our Unique Approach to Memory care

Health care professional with elderly resident

Cascades of Tucson offers specialized care for residents with cognitive decline. We use The Living GEMS Model, created by renowned dementia educator Teepa Snow, to provide individualized and person-centered care to each resident. This model recognizes that each person is unique and focuses on the strengths and abilities of the resident, rather than their deficits. The Living GEMS Model also emphasizes the importance of creating a supportive and nurturing environment that promotes engagement, meaningful activities, and positive social interactions. At Cascades of Tucson, staff members are trained to use this model to connect with residents on a personal level, build trusting relationships, and tailor care plans to each resident’s specific needs and preferences. By using the Living GEMS Model, Cascades of Tucson is able to provide a high level of care that promotes quality of life and maintains a sense of purpose and dignity for residents facing cognitive decline.

What are The Living GEMS?

Living GEMS, created by Teepa Snow, is a unique and holistic approach to memory care implemented at Cascades of Tucson.

Living Gem, Sapphire Gem


True Blue
Optimal Cognition, Healthy Brain
Living Gem, Diamond


Clear and Sharp
Routines and Rituals Rule
Living Gem, Emerald Gem


Green and On the Go With a Purpose
Naturally Flawed
Living Gem, Amber Gem


Caught in a Moment of Time
Caution Required
Living Gem, Ruby Gem


Deep and Strong in Color
Others Stop Seeing What is Possible
Living Gem, Pearl Gem


Hidden Within a Shell
Beautiful Moments to Behold

The Courtyard at Cascades Memory Care Neighborhood is a secure and comfortable environment designed to promote a sense of familiarity, dignity, and belonging. Residents living with memory loss and dementia have the opportunity to move through their day with purpose.

Getting around is easy thanks to simple floorplans and visual cues that keep residents oriented. The intentionally designed and landscaped courtyard gives residents safe access to the outdoors where they can stroll or relax under a shady canopy. The entire Memory Care Neighborhood is self-contained and secure without feeling confined.

Our certified care team is dedicated to helping people living with memory loss. They are well-versed in the latest memory care techniques and receive ongoing education throughout their time with us. While we excel at caring for those who have dementia, we are equally committed to educating family members and guiding them through the journey as well.

The community features private studios complete with kitchenettes and private baths. To maintain familiarity and dignity, couples can stay together in a suite, or if the couple has differing needs, a spouse can stay in our Independent and Assisted Living area on the same campus with the freedom to visit their loved one at any time.

Included Amenities and Services for Memory Care Include

Floor Plans

Residences in the Memory Support Neighborhood are private — either studios with a kitchenette or a suite where couples can remain together. Both include bathrooms with a step-in shower. Common areas for reading, sensory experience, family gatherings or watching TV and an all-purpose activity room complement a safe, monitored community lifestyle. Residents can also enjoy the secure outdoor courtyard and gardens with safe walking paths and relaxing seating areas.


296 Sq. Ft.

1 Bedroom, 1 Bath

568 Sq. Ft.

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