201 N Jessica Ave, Tucson

Living Gem, Emerald Gem

Emerald Living GEM

Green and On the Go With a Purpose-Naturally Flawed

• Sees self as able and independent with limited awareness of changes in ability
• Lives in moments of clarity mixed with periods of loss in logic/reason/perspective
• Understanding and use of language change: vague words and many repeats
• Cues and support help when getting to/from places and doing daily routines
• Awareness of time, place, and situation will not always match current reality
• Strong emotional reactions are triggered by fears, desires, or unmet needs
• Needs to know what comes next: seeks guidance and assistance to fi ll the day

“I am flawed; it is part of being a natural emerald. I tend to be focused on what I want or need in this moment and may not be aware of my own safety or changing abilities. I can chat socially, but I typically miss one out of every four words and cannot accurately follow the meaning of longer conversations. I won’t remember the details of our time together, but I will remember how your body language and tone of voice made me feel. I may hide or misplace things and believe someone has taken them. My brain will make up information to fi ll in the blanks which makes you think I am lying. If you try to correct me or argue I may become resentful or suspicious of you. I am not always rational, but I don’t want to be made to feel incompetent. My brain plays tricks on me, taking me to different times and places in my life. When I am struggling I may tell you ‘I want to go home.’ To provide the help and assistance I need you must go with my fl ow, use a positive, partnered approach, and modify my environment.”