201 N Jessica Ave, Tucson

Living Gem, Sapphire Gem

Sapphire Living GEM

True Blue-Optimal Cognition, Healthy Brain

  • True to self: personal preferences remain basically the same.
  • Can be flexible in thinking and appreciate multiple perspectives.
  • Stress/pain/fatigue may trigger Diamond state: back to Sapphire with relief.
  • Able to suppress and filter personal reactions: chooses effective responses.
  • Selects from options and can make informed decisions.
  • Processes well and able to successfully transition.
  • Aging doesn’t change ability: processing slows, more effort/time/practice needed.

“ My brain is healthy – true blue. If I am aging normally or distressed, it may be hard for me to find words. I can describe what I am thinking so you understand. I may talk to myself because I am giving myself cues and prompts. I can learn new things and change habits, but it takes time and effort. Honoring my choices and preferences, when possible, is important. I need more time to make decisions. Give me the details and let me think about it before you need an answer. I am able to remember plans and information but supports are helpful. I may like specifi c prompts such as notes, calendars, and reminder calls. Health changes in vision, hearing, balance, coordination, depression, anxiety, pain, or medication may impact my behavior, but my cognitive abilities remain the same.” 


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