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Living Gem, Pearl Gem

Pearl Living GEM

Hidden Within a Shell-Beautiful Moments to Behold

• Will frequently recognize familiar touches, voices, faces, aromas, and tastes
• Personhood survives, although all other capabilities are minimal
• Understanding input takes time: go slow and simplify for success
• In care, first get connected by offering comfort then use careful and caring touch
• Changes in the body are profound: weight loss, immobility, systems are failing
• As protective refl exes are lost, breathing, swallowing, and moving will be diffi cult
• Care partners benefit from learning the art of letting go rather than simply giving up

“While hidden like a pearl in an oyster shell, I will still have moments when I become alert and responsive. I am near the end of my life. Moments of connection create a sense of wholeness and value between us. Use our time together not just to provide care, but to comfort and connect with me. To help me complete life well, it’s important to honor my personhood when making medical or care decisions; please don’t talk about me as though I am not still here. I respond best to familiar voices and gentle rhythmic movements. I am ruled by refl exes and will startle easily. My brain is losing its ability to control and heal my body. Be prepared to see me having diffi culty breathing or swallowing. My body may no longer desire food and drink as I prepare to leave this life. I may not be able to stop living without permission from you. Your greatest gift at this time in my life is to let me know that it is ok to go.”