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Living Gem, Amber Gem

Amber Living GEM

Caught in a Moment of Time-Caution Required

  • Focused on sensation: seeks to satisfy desires and tries to avoid what is disliked
  • Environment can drive actions and reactions, without safety awareness
  • Visual abilities are limited: focus is on pieces or parts not the whole picture
  • What happens to or around an Amber, may cause strong and surprising reactions
  • Enters others’ space and crosses boundaries attempting to meet own needs
  • Has periods of intense activity: may be very curious or repetitive with objects or actions
  • Care is refused or seen as threatening due to differences in perspective and ability


“ Like a particle trapped in an amber, I am caught in a moment of time. It may surprise you to see how I take in the world around me. I may not know you or see you as a whole person. I react to you based on how you look, sound, move, smell, and respond to me. I like to do simple tasks over and over and may need to repeatedly move and touch, smell, taste, take, or tear items apart. While it may exhaust or frustrate you, it soothes me. I don’t recognize danger; you will have to safeguard my environment. I’m intolerant to discomfort because my mouth, hands, feet, and genitalia are highly sensitive due to changes in my nervous system. Therefore, activities like eating, taking medication, mouth care, bathing, dressing, and toileting may distress me. Please notice my reaction and stop if I am resisting. I can’t help myself and one or both of us may get hurt emotionally and/or physically. If this happens, wait a few minutes, connect with me, and try a different approach; possibly substituting one area of focus for another.”