201 N Jessica Ave, Tucson

Living Gem, Diamond

Diamond Living GEM

Clear and Sharp-Routines and Rituals Rule

• Displays many facets: behavior and perspective can shift dramatically
• Prefers the familiar and may resist change: challenged by transitions
• More rigid and self-focused; sees wants as needs, when stressed
• Personal likes/dislikes in relationships/space/belongings become more intense
• Reacts to changes in environment; benefi ts from familiar; functional/forgiving
• Needs repetition and time to absorb new/different information or routines
• Trusted authority figures can help: reacts better when respect is mutual

“My overall cognition is clear and sharp. When happy and supported, I am capable and shine in my abilities. When distressed, I can be cutting and rigid and may see your help as a threat. I have trouble seeing other points of view and may become less aware of boundaries or more possessive about my relationships, personal space, and belongings. I have many facets so people see me differently depending on the situation. This can cause confl ict among my family, friends, or care team as it’s hard to tell if I am choosing my behavior or truly have limits in my ability. I can socially engage and have good cover skills.  People will vary in their awareness of what is happening to me. I want to keep habits and environments as they have always been even if they are problematic for me or others. I am often focused on the past, personal values, or fi nances. I will need help to make changes in my life; it’s hard for me.  I can be in a Diamond state for reasons other than dementia.”