201 N Jessica Ave, Tucson

Living Gem, Ruby Gem

Ruby Living GEM

Deep and Strong in Color-Others Stop Seeing What is Possible

• Makes use of rhythm: can usually sing, hum, pray, sway, rock, clap, and dance
• When moving can’t stop, when stopped can’t get moving: needs guidance and help
• Big, strong movements are possible, while skilled abilities are being lost
• Danger exists due to limited abilities combined with automatic actions or reactions
• Tends to miss subtle hints, but gets magnifi ed facial expressions and voice rhythms
• Can mimic actions or motions, but will struggle to understand instructions/gestures
• Able to pick up and hold objects, and yet not know what to do with them

“ As the deep red of a ruby masks detail, my obvious losses make my remaining abilities harder to notice.  Although my fine motor skills have become very limited, remember I am able to move and do simple things with my hands. You will need to anticipate, identify, and respond to all of my needs, even though I may not be aware of them. Plan to create a supportive environment, help with the details of care, and structure my day. Just as a crossing guard directs traffi c, you will need to guide my movement and transitions. I can rarely stop or start on my own and switching gears is a challenge. Move with me first, then use your body to show me what you want me to do next, going one step at a time. Hand-under-Hand® assistance helps me to feel safe and secure and to know what to do. Danger is part of my life due to losses in visual skills, chewing abilities, balance, and coordination. You can reduce the risks to me, but not eliminate them. I can still have moments of joy when you are able to provide what gives me pleasure.”