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What Makes an Exceptional Professional Caregiver?

Assisted living nurse wears a mask and tends to a patient

Many certified caregivers within senior living communities, in addition to monitoring an array of health and safety concerns, today are responsible for working directly with those who have contracted the virus. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, certified caregivers, many of whom were themselves afraid of catching the virus, have summoned deep wells of […]

Peace of Mind in Uncertain Times

Elderly woman smiling at phone

Selecting the right senior living facility takes faith whether you are a potential resident or the resident’s family. After doing your research and taking the facility tours, you make a decision on the place that appears to meet your unique and evolving needs. However, “what if” questions may linger.  Especially during the COVID-19 crisis, the […]

When is it Right to Bring Mom or Dad Home?

Nurse with assisted living resident

Retirement Homes and Senior Living facilities have been in the news a lot lately, with the Life Care Center Nursing Home in Kirkland, Washington being linked to dozens of Corona virus deaths. While what happened in Washington was as much about how the facility responded to exposure, as the exposure itself, the uncomfortable truth is […]

We’re Better Together: Combating Senior Depression

Depressed elderly man looking out the window

We’re meant to be together A recent study by the geriatric neuro psychiatrists at University of California San Diego’s school of medicine confirmed that social interaction is a key contributor to personal happiness in older adults. Humans are communal by nature, and this only becomes more important as we age. It comes down to this […]

The Elephant In The Room

Multi-generational family smiles for the camera

Whether you are looking for yourself or on behalf of a loved one, the decision to move into senior housing is difficult. Perhaps we feel embarrassed to have reached a stage in life where we need help. Or we feel guilty about being the one who has to tell a loved one “it’s time.” Yet […]

Could The Holidays Be The Best Time For “The Talk?”

Table with Thanksgiving Dinner

Whether you are a child, parent, or concerned caregiver, “the talk” about the need for elder care or assisted living is never easy. Yet it’s best for all involved to have a compassionate conversation before a health crisis that might result in costly and difficult decisions. The holiday season with everyone together may be the […]

How much does it cost to age?

elderly hands holding a pink piggy bank

It’s understandable that in living life to the fullest, we put off thinking about our needs as we age. Most of us believe there will be plenty of time later to plan for senior living. The reality is that we need to take off our rose-colored glasses, grab a pencil and paper, and start crunching […]

5 Reasons to Find a Senior Lifestyle Community Soon

Two elderly men sitting together and talking on a bench

More baby boomers are considering moving to a senior lifestyle community earlier than ever before, and all indications are that this trend is here to stay. It makes sense. Many boomers have had to deal with aging parents and so they want to plan ahead and avoid burdening their spouse, partner or children. But there’s […]

Assisted Living? Active Living? Memory Care?

Happy elderly couple pushing each other in a wheel barrow

There is an infinite number of very good reasons why you or a family member might be considering moving to a senior living community. Everything from the cost of living, to the effort of keeping up a home, to a simple desire for more socialization are all a part of the equation for making the […]

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