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Dax Howard, Cascades of Tucson CEO

Dax Howard

Cascades Of Tucson CEO

Dax's Bio

Dax grew up coming to the Cascades with his father. In high school, his father had him work every job in the building, from cleaning toilets to shadowing the managers as they did monthly budgeting. Through this he developed a passion for engineering businesses to better address society’s needs. After college, he started his own business, selling it in 2014. After business school, he worked as a Management Consultant for Deloitte Consulting (of Deloitte and Touche, LLP). There he helped Fortune 500 companies improve their operations. So when Sandra Fish, the Cascades, Executive Director of 25 years, got sick, the family called on Dax to help. Though he had originally planned to return to Deloitte after a short leave, he fell in love with his new role and decided not to return to corporate America.

Though his father went to U of A, Dax holds an undergraduate in Leadership Studies from Barrett Honor’s College at ASU, which we begrudgingly forgive him for. He also holds an MBA from Cornell University, and a Masters in Industrial Labor Relations (Organizational Behavior) from Cornell University.