Nurturing family relationships.

Not only is Cascades of Tucson resident-friendly, we're resident family-friendly. Below are links you may find helpful, including local resources to help pre-plan the transition for you or a family member. You can even sign up to for the monthly newsletter to see what activities are coming up:

Healthy Aging Resources

International Council on Active Aging
The ICAA is dedicated to changing the way we age by uniting professionals in the retirement, assisted living, fitness, rehabilitation and wellness fields to dispel society's myths about aging. The goal is to help these professionals empower aging baby boomers and older adults to improve their quality of life and maintain their dignity.

WebMD: Senior Living
Information on exercise for seniors, staying active and enjoying this time of life.

The National Institute on Aging
The NIA provides government-funded information on staying active as we age.

Fall Prevention Tips
Philips Lifeline provides information to lower the risk of falling, either for yourself of someone you care for.

Biology of Aging: Research Today for a Healthier Tomorrow
The National Institute on Aging delves into the basic biology of aging and points to directions for future investigation.

Test your aging IQ
This 24-page booklet from the National Institute of Health invites readers to see how much they know about aging.

AARP's Health Tips
Receive all the latest health topics and wellness tips from AARP for adults age 50 and over.

Diet and Nutrition Resources

WebMD: Diet and Nutrition
Find tips and research on dieting and nutrition, diet plans, recipes, fad diets, supplements and healthy weight-loss techniques.

AARP Nutrition Tips
Get practical tips from AARP on healthy snacking.

The National Institute on Aging
The NIA's guide for making wise decisions about what you eat as you age.

Alzheimer's Disease Resources

The National Institute on Aging
The NIA offers insight on the causes, symptoms and treatments for Alzheimer's and dementia.

WebMD: Alzheimer's
Find current research and information about Alzheimer's, including discussion forums for connecting with the larger Alzheimer's community.

Alzheimer's Disease Progress Report
The National Institute on Aging's most recent summary of their latest research efforts.

Veterans Benefits

Cascades of Tucson is proud to be home to many of our country's service men and women. We want to do everything we can to ensure that those who've sacrificed for our country receive all the help they need to live comfortably. If you're a veteran or the spouse of a veteran, you may qualify for the Veterans Aid and Attendance Pension (also known as the A&A Program). This program is specially designed to help veterans and their surviving spouses who require the attendance of a caregiver to assist with the activities of daily living including eating, bathing, dressing and monitoring medications. Assisted care and supportive care in a community – whether provided by a third party or the community itself – qualify as part of this program.
Discover more details about the Aid and Attendance Pension.

Senior Benefits Service Alliance
Explore a series of helpful links about the Veterans Pension Benefit, including how it may apply to Assisted Living.