Where inspired dining is a celebration.

Imagine a place where someone else does all the cooking, where dining can be a delectable snack or a distinctive feast. Dine with new friends or family, or simply enjoy a quiet meal on your own. Our culinary team will ensure your experience is pleasant and memorable.

At Cascades of Tucson, we recognize the importance of diet and nutrition specific to those we serve. Our community offers both casual and elegant dining planned with attention to the ethnic and regional backgrounds of our population.

We strive to provide ambiance, attentive table service and exceptional, restaurant-style fare prepared by the Executive Chef and the culinary team. You can enjoy delectable meals in either of the two restaurants located within the community.

Here is a sample of what's cooking:

We take immense pride in our menu and we know you'll love the variety, quality and ability to dine on your schedule.

We're sure if you choose to make Cascades of Tucson your new home that you'll find old and new favorites on the menu.

“It's really, really fun to see what's on the daily menu.
We get a variety of great food and we always have choices.
If you can't find something delicious on the menu, then you aren't very hungry!”